On 15th September 2013, with permission from the Hanoi People’s Committee and instructed by Ba Dinh District People’s Committee, Cong Vi Ward and AusReal organized a meeting with the current owners of 22 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.


This is a successful start of the implementation of the sociological survey as a basis for the redevelopment project plan. Board of Management of Cong Vi Ward, Cong Vi Police, representative of Cong Vi social groups, AusReal and all current owners attended the meeting.


In the meeting room

Mr. Pham Van Thang, Vice President of Cong Vi Ward, Head of Sociological Survey Team giving opening speech

As a Chairman of the meeting, Mr. Pham Van Thang, Vice President of Cong Vi Ward, announced the permission of Hanoi People’s Committee and some instruction documents from the competent authorities and Ba Dinh District. All the social groups, such as Communist Party, Women’s Union, Father Front Association, Population Group, etc, are very supportive of the redevelopment plan. This is a great motivator for us to continue working on the project.

Ms Pham Thi Thanh, Director of AusReal, introducing the investor and project plan

Ms. Pham Thi Thanh, Director of AusReal, briefly introduced the investor, AusReal’s implementation ability and the plan. She also committed that the interest of the people living in the project area will be put first, and as they support the project, it will move much faster.

Ms.  Nguyen Thi Lan, owner of Apartment 209A, shows her support and cooperation

A lot of people living here have been expecting that the project will be redeveloped for a long time, so that they will live in a better condition and environment. Therefore, most of them show their support and willingness to cooperate with the investor to implement the project.

The same as people in many other old buildings in Hanoi, the current owners here had a lot of questions and opinions about their benefits and aspirations. Giving answers to all the questions, with commitment of funding and management tools from Australia, AusReal have satisfied their concerns and expectations.

Mr. Nguyen Dang Hai, owner of Apartment 209B, asking questions about his concerns

Mr. Richard Warneminde, Australian, Project Director was grateful for the support of the current owners and answered some questions from them

The meeting was held in a formal and professional manner, which also expressed the goodwill of the investor and support of the current owners.

In contrast with the atmosphere at similar meetings at other projects, the meeting ended with big round of applause from all attendees. It was confirmed again by the result of the sociological survey, with the majority of votes in support, more than the minimum number of votes as defined in the relevant regulations. This result has been verified by the competent authorities, which gives us even more confidence and takes us to the next steps of implementing The Boulevard project.