Vice Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee (HPC), Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, has asked Department of Planning and Architecture (DPA) to review all old apartment building projects that have been assigned to investors/organizations to develop redevelopment plans. From this, DPA will propose the next steps to handle those projects and report in September.

Apartment B1 Van Chuong (Hanoi) from the 70s of the last century. Photo: Hai Nguyen

Meanwhile, Hanoi Department of Construction (DOC) is awaiting an important meeting on old apartment building redevelopment projects, held by Vietnam Construction Association in September, to gather opinions on these projects. Based on them, DOC will complete the proposal of “Enabling regulations of old apartment building redevelopment projects in the City”.

There are 1,155 old apartment buildings of 4-6 floors and 10 old apartment buildings of 1-3 floors all around Hanoi. Most of them have been bought out from the government and now are in possession of people living there. Number of old apartment buildings with an area equivalent to 1.7 million square meters of old apartments now needs reconstructing or renovating urgently, due to severe degradation. They were built in the 30s – 40s.

According to DOC, there has been no remarkable movement in redevelopment projects since 2009. No effective solutions have been given out to reach the goal of reducing population density from 1.2m ppl/km2 to 0.8m ppl/km2 in central districts. On a field trip around old apartment buildings on 12/8, with the presence of Minister of Construction, Mr. Nguyen The Thao, Chairman of HPC said, the key reason for delaying these projects is building height limitation in Hanoi.

Mr. Thao proposed that the government should allow higher number of floors, so that investors are confidence with their profitability. Besides, compensation ratio for current owners is also increased, which will make it easier to get their agreements on redeveloping the building they are living in.

“If the number of floors is not increased, it is very difficult to spend a huge amount of state budget to redevelop old apartment buildings. At the moment, agreement from current owners is a challenge and barrier to this process. I suggest, we should all consider the mission of redeveloping apartment buildings are the State’s, authorities’ and current owners’ responsibilities, not the investors’”, said Mr. Thao.

THONG CHI – Labour News