Lieu Giai Street is the Hanoi People’s Committee key focus and it will be the City’s priority street that forms the premier corridor from West Lake to the National Conference centre.

Situated in a one of the most densely populated districts in Hanoi, Ba Dinh District, which is described as the centre of power of Vietnam, and with immediate access to key infrastructure, both existing and to be developed, The Boulevard is a one of a kind.

The development site is characterized by its dual frontage, having almost 41 meters of direct frontage to Lieu Giai Street and 28 meters to Kim Ma Thuong Street.

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a development opportunity in one of Asia’s fastest growing economies that continues to exhibit notable urbanisation trends. After a period of turbulence, the economy is showing obvious signs of stabilisation, mirroring the recovery that is occurring in the real estate market.

AusReal will welcome the opportunity to work closely with you early to receive input into the design and investment process. Where Vietnam is a complex regulatory environment Ausreal has the expertise to resolve these issues.


The Boulevard project has a prime location in Lieu Giai Street, Ba Dinh District as it’s situated on the corner of 2 streets, Lieu Giai and Kim Ma Thuong, the subject project has two frontages. This gives the site a competitive advantage for residential uses.

The site it is situated amongst one of Hanoi’s most exclusive areas close to key Government offices, Foreign organisations, Non-Government Organisations (NGO) and diplomatic compounds of many embassies. The site will ultimately keep good company with Lotte landmark office and retail tower.

In addition, essential facilities like schools and markets are all available nearby, for example Kinder World – Singapore International School, Thang Long High School, Nguyen Trai University and Cong Vi Market.

The proposed project, it is convenient and has easy access to neighbouring districts like Tay Ho, Cau Giay, Dong Da as well as tourist sites like West Lake, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Botanical Garden and Van Mieu Temple of Literature, etc.



Within a land area of about 1.378 sqm, The Boulevard will be a high-end Commercial and Apartment Tower. With 25 floors and 2 basements, the ground floor of the future building is for commercial and public services, the second floor is offices and common hall, residential and serviced apartments are from the 3rd to 25th floor. AusReal offers a range of high-end apartments with modern, elegant and creative design along with convenient facilities and utilities with a total of 31 compensation apartments and 110 apartments for sale and rent.

Basements and root top

Floor 1 & 2

Là các không gian kinh doanh thương mại, văn phòng cho thuê, không gian sinh hoạt cộng đồng, không gian công cộng sử dụng chung và các không gian phụ trợ khác.

Floor 3 to 8

Bố trí các căn hộ kinh doanh và tái định cư. Diện tích sàn: 874,60 m2, trong đó diện tích sảnh hành lang giao thông và kỹ thuật phụ trợ khác: 146,57 m2. Tổng số căn hộ: 42 căn, mỗi tầng 7 căn, trong đó có 04 căn hộ 03 phòng ngủ và 03 căn hộ 02 phòng ngủ.

Floor 9

Được bố trí các căn hộ có sân vườn, để bán hoặc cho thuê. Diện tích sàn: 640,10 m2; diện tích sân vườn: 210,97 m2; trong đó diện tích sảnh hành lang giao thông và kỹ thuật phụ trợ khác: 117,72 m2. Bao gồm 04 căn hộ, trong đó có 3 căn hộ 03 phòng ngủ và 1 căn hộ 04 phòng ngủ.

Floor 10 to 23

Bố trí các căn hộ để bán hoặc cho thuê. Diện tích sàn: 649,12m2, trong đó diện tích sảnh hành lang giao thông và kỹ thuật phụ trợ khác: 117,99m2. Mỗi tầng gồm 05 căn hộ, trong đó có 2 căn hộ 03 phòng ngủ và 3 căn hộ 02 phòng ngủ.

Floor 24, 25

Bố trí 04 căn hộ thông tầng (penthouse) với nội thất cao cấp, diện tích từ khoảng 198m2 đến 264m2.

All apartments are constructed and furnished with modern and environmentally friendly materials. In addition, with the aim of creating an open space harmonized with the natural landscape and surrounding environment, each apartment is designed to capture natural light and ventilation.

Luxury, sophisticated interiors in combination with the best of Vietnamese culture fulfill the desire of an excellent life style in your own way, which you will enjoy experiencing with us.





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