On 20/9/2015, under the instruction of Ba Dinh District, Cong Vi Ward and AusReal organized a meeting to announce the Design planning of the redevelopment project at 22 Lieu Giai.

All the Leaders of Cong Vi Ward, representatives of local social groups, AusReal staff and the current owners in Apartment Building 22 Lieu Giai were present at the meeting.

Opening the meeting, Mr Pham Van Thang, Vice Chairman of Cong Vi Ward read the letter from Ba Dinh District, requesting to get opinions from the current owners and neighbors of the building on the condition of technical infrastructure, social infrastructure and environment of the project design planning.

After listening to the presentation from AusReal about the project progress after the sociological survey, and preliminary design planning, many current owners showed their support of the project and the investor.

Their support was expressed by 100% agreement to the planning presented by the investor. Some questions and concerns from the current owners had been answered and explained clearly by AusReal and Cong Vi Ward.

The meeting ended with a big round of applause by all attendees. This, again, confirmed the current owners’ support and trust, which has given us big motivation and confidence in doing the project.